Saturday, October 24, 2015

How I'm Doing Diet...

I'm currently on diet program. Well, to be honest my own version of diet program.
And this is an example on how I do it...

Breakfast is very important in diet, they say it will keep you full so you won't craving more food etc, so I decided to make my self a healthy breakfast : Cucumber salad with low fat yoghurt souce and pan fried salmon. In a glance, it's kind of too heavy for breakfast (except you are west sumatra  people, who eat Rendang at 6 o'clock). But let me explain :

Cucumber is vegetable (or is it fruit). People say vegetable (and fruit) is healthy so cucumber is, in no doubt, healthy. Salmon has a high level fat BUT since they are the main ingredients for fish oil capsules, I guess it is safe to say that Salmon fat is good fat. Last, low fat yoghurt. Beside obviously healthier than normal fat contained yoghurt, low fat yoghurt has no taste. Anything tasteless is healthy. So low fat youghurt MUST be healthy. In conclusion, with all of those healthy ingredients, my breakfast is, in theory, healthy. I finish my breakfast around 10 am. I know it's a bit late for breakfast, but I have nothing to do. So be it.

At lunchtime around 1 pm, I wasn't that hungry (thanks to the salmon fat I guess), but decided to have lunch anyway. So I boiled 80 gr spagethi, then saute some garlic, chilli flakes, pepper, and mussel (currently on reduced price at Lidl) in olive oil. Voila! Aglio e Olio Spagethi. People need carbohydrate for functioning and when cooked with basic ingredients aglio is one of a low fat type pasta (according to Google). So It's a right choice for diet lunch. The one I cooked is so so good, but I need to keep my mind on check. 80 gram spagheti is all I have for today.

Then come dinner time! I always try to make more lavish food for dinner, since most of the time husband have humble ones for lunch. Today I made Hackfleisch Bauerntopf. A German's traditional dish, which recipe I got from a German cookbook titled 1000 Landfrauenrezepte. Basically it's just a tomato soup with minced meat, vegetables ,and thicker broth. It is usually eaten with boiled or baked potatoes but I have enough carbohydrate for today, so I skiped the potatoes.

That's the story on how I'm doing a diet.
It's not a good method yes? Ahahaha!

Of course! Because in total they contain more than 1500 calories (calories needed just to stay 'leyeh leyeh' at home). So I think I won't shred some weight anytime soon. But since they are all probably healtier than all the dishes I used to eat, hopefully I won't gain more weight :P

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