Thursday, August 2, 2012

Satu alasan kenapa tesis saya nggak selesai selesai...

A Late Night War
Story By : Restu
Photograph By : Restu
Editing : By Restu

It was a boring icy night and I was trying so hard to concentrate on getting my work done

...when suddenly a tiny blue scary monster crawled into my room...

...followed by his other ugly companions

They were trying to hijack my laptop!!

It surely was A WAR!!

What pity little monsters! They didn't know that I have a Buddyguard!
A Great Little Orange Buddyguard! 

He bravely lunged the Blue Monster 

And crushed it to the ground!

...When a white dragon monster snuck and toppled him... 

...He made sure it got a painful payment... 

...To the monster who tried attacking his head...

...He gave a hard loud stamping!..Ha! that one was easy...


And my laptop was saved!

Thank you my little orange Buddyguard! I know I can always count on you!

My Hero :)



  1. -________________-" karena ada monster nyerang laptop lo?


    lo mulai ketularan fariz..